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I’ve been told I’ve been rude…  So, just to let those who sent me the lovely messages know, I’m on… well, a hiatus right now would probably be the right word for it.  But yes, I am still alive.  =)

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Necromancy Bells

One of these days I swear I’m going to find some small used handbells, make myself a bandolier, and dress as the Abhorsen for Halloween.

If Saraneth is the deepest lowest bell than what does Astarael sound like?  Especially since the bells are usually drawn as smallest (Ranna) to largest (Astarael), which would also arrange them highest (Ranna) to lowest (Astarael).

I always thought the point was that no one had ever heard Astarael and lived to tell anyone what it sounded like.  So logically, it’s the lowest bell, but practically, Saraneth is. 

Ok, so I went back and found my textual evidence to support my argument (guess who has been to a lot of Common Core PDs recently?).  In Abhorsen, Lirael rings Astarael near the end, when they’re fighting Orannis.  Saraneth is described as “deep and low,” and Astarael as having a “mournful tone,” which is not particularly useful.  I know that there is a better description in Sabriel, because her father does ring Astarael in the reservoir, and I think there’s a description of Sabriel’s experience of that (as I recall it’s more of a physical feeling than hearing a sound?).  Unfortunately, I can’t find my copy.  Anyone else want to look that up?

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